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DACA: The Obama-Built Debacle and What the GOP Should STOP Doing

When DACA came into being via an illegal Executive Order, former POTUS, Obama, said it was “a temporary stop-gap measure.” DACA was never supposed to last forever. Obama had both houses of Congress and even he didn’t get DACA passed into law. All POTUS Trump has done here is fairly and squarely put DACA on the Congressional table to be dealt with legally. Now that the emotion-fueled DACA fiasco is officially on the table, it’s time for the GOP to stand up for American children, workers, and citizens.

Yes, DACA is an emotion-filled subject, but that’s no reason for the GOP to yet again, lie down and roll over as the Left always demands. The Left will never, ever like the Right’s positions and they will never, ever give the Right what we want through compromise, so the GOP-led Congress must act in our–the citizens’–best interests.

But what about the children?

The GOP must also stop buying into the Left’s rhetoric that all Dreamers are virtuous children. DACA participants are not all blameless and they’re certainly not all children. Moreover, most DACA participants are now in their 20s and 30s meaning they’ve been knowingly and actively perpetuating their illegal status for decades.


What about the children? Yes, what about American children? Every taxpayer penny spent on a DACA participant has been a penny not spent on American children. Every social resource consumed by an illegal immigrant is one not available for American children.

Ask yourself why Mexico and the numerous South American countries aren’t working to make their countries better instead of insisting we take in their citizens? Why else? Money, remittances, to be exact. It’s much less expensive for those countries to allow their borders to be crossed, citizens to leave, and send money back home than it is for these countries to clean up their corruption or build better social systems of their own.

What about all the immigrants who did and are doing everything the legal way? Many have waited years to see their loved ones again. How compassionate is it to shove them aside in favor of law breakers?

How compassionate is it to make American children compete for resources with those who don’t belong here but for an illegal act? How compassionate is to reward those illegal acts? Tell me, how is any of this compassionate for the American worker? Our economy? Our children?

The GOP is heartless and racist.

It’s not racist to want the laws of this nation to be respected and followed. It’s only racist to assume racism is the reason, in fact, it’s a heartless act to take what isn’t yours while demanding even more while relying on the racism narrative. When the Left yells, “Racism!” the GOP needs to look for the real reasons they’re yelling.

In actuality, it’s not the GOP who is cruel. We’re not the ones who put the so-called “Dreamers” in this precarious and heartless predicament. The parents of the DACA participants are at fault here. It’s the parents who illegally brought them to the U.S. in the first place. “Dreamers” are here because of their parent’s actions (or their own) not because the GOP wanted a chance to be cruel to brown people. Seriously, just stop.

“Round them up!”

The GOP needs to fight the “round them up and deport them” narrative of the Left. No one, not one person in the GOP, is calling for the DACA participants to be tracked down, shoved into overcrowded buses, and forcedly shipped back to their country of birth. No one is calling for that, no one, except the Left.

In fact, President Trump has extended DACA for six more months to give Congress a chance to do DACA in a legal fashion. The POTUS did the wrong thing (illegally extending DACA) so the GOP-led Congress could have the chance to do the right thing (handle DACA legislatively). That’s right, no one will be deported for now and probably ever under DACA as it is currently written.

But they’re blameless!

The GOP needs to stop buying the “blameless” rhetoric. Some DACA participants are here “through no fault of their own,” but some are here through their own actions. Many proudly tell tales of evading border patrols and lying to ICE while paying coyotes to bring them here without their parents. They knew it was wrong, why else would they lie and evade and be fearful of being caught? These stories aren’t unique and many flaunt our laws making sure to spread the word to others of how they can do it too. It’s time to stop this. The GOP-led Congress needs to seal our borders (both of them), overhaul our immigration laws, and stop rewarding illegal activity.

It’s time for Congress to do its job. It’s time for the GOP to stand up for America, its citizens, and the rule of law.

About the Author

Gwendolyn Sims
Gwendolyn Sims is a principled Constitutional Conservative. She lives amongst the destructive liberal Southern California crazies with her teenage boys, her rocket scientist husband, her dogs, and her 14lb cat. September 11, 2001 was a Day of Awakening for Gwendolyn as she watched in horror as the Twin Towers fell, the Pentagon burned, and heroic airplane passengers died in a field in Pennsylvania. She's been on a mission to wake up others ever since. When not writing or on social media, you can find Gwendolyn at the gym, backing conservative candidates' political campaigns, or cheering on THE Ohio State Buckeyes. She believes someday the Constitution and American values will be returned to the Republic so her boys will know what America was like when it was free. Barring that, one day soon, she will make her escape to the great state of Texas where life still makes a modicum of sense. Follow Gwendolyn on Twitter at @scvbuckeye.
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