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Communist Flag-Waving Commie Gets Removed from Trump Rally [VIDEO]

An America-hating progressive communist waving a communist flag at a Donald Trump rally in Columbus, OH, July 25, 2017

At the Trump rally in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday night, a disruptive anti-American, communist flag-waving commie (in other words, a “progressive”) — no doubt a supporter of fellow communist [score]Bernie Sanders[/score] — was forcibly removed from the event by security.

Hilariously, after the crowd pointed out the wimpish-looking male (I think), President Trump gets in on the action, demoralizing the leftist loser who got his treasonous flag taken away and appropriately stomped on by a rally attendee.

No, communist flags are not free speech any more than ISIS flags are. If you are an America-hating commie, you need to get the hell out of our country and move to North Korea, Cuba, or Venezuela where you’re a better fit.

“They’re pointing to a protester,” President Trump said while looking at the crowd noticing the commie, who looked like a 98-pound weakling. “Honestly, if you don’t point, nobody’s even gonna know he’s here — weak voice, weak voice — don’t worry,” he joked.

As security began to forcibly remove the “protester,” the president continued to mock.

“Well, he’s a young one. He’s going back home to Mommy. Oh, is he in trouble — he’s in trouble and I’ll bet he Mommy voted for us, right?” 

Pretty hilarious.

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Matthew K. Burke
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