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Communist Bernie Sanders Continues Violent Rhetoric: GOP Bill Will Kill ‘Thousands’ [VIDEO]

In a little over a month, two supporters of communist Senator [score]Bernie Sanders [/score](Commie – VT) have committed horrific acts of progressive terrorism, the last one being the attempted mass assassination of Republican members of Congress in Alexandria, Virginia as they practiced for an annual charity baseball game.

The class warfare and class envy rhetoric, as well as his Marxist ideology, worshiped by Bernie Sanders no doubt radicalized the individuals in the most recent acts of progressive terrorism, yet 74-year-old wild-eyed Bolshevik Bernie refuses to turn down his divisive and hateful rhetoric.

The latest example is Sanders’ interview on the friendly turf of MSNBC with Democrat operative Andrea Mitchell — who masquerades as an objective journalist — on Friday in which Uncle Bernie spewed that Republicans are going to somehow kill “thousands” by trying to fix the Obamacare debacle (Side note: The Senate GOP healthcare bill keeps Obamacare’s subsidies — and even has more according to Senator Rand Paul who opposes the bill.)

“Let us be clear, Andrea, and this is not trying to be overly dramatic,” Sanders fearmongered. “Thousands of people will die,” he predicted.

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Of course, as any intellectually honest American who has been around for a few years knows, the above Saul Alinsky tactics — designed to agitate his base into taking “action” is hogwash.

Before Obamacare, no one died because they didn’t have health insurance and during the Obamacare era, even though millions lost their insurance, no one died because of health insurance — because health insurance does not equal healthcare as Sanders deceptively would like you to believe.

But if you really think Republicans are going to kill people, what should they do Bernie? That’s a question James T. Hodgkinson, a “passionate progressive” and one of his most loyal supporters unfortunately answered in the most horrific way imaginable and it almost led to the death of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise and several others.

In fact, there are still nearly 30 million Americans uninsured, even though Obamacare is a law that forces people to buy only their government-approved product. It is so bad that 11.3% of the population (that number actually increased last quarter from 10.9%) will not be coerced — even by law and would rather pay fines and penalties — than buy the worthless insurance that is unaffordable with deductibles so high it makes coverage virtually non-existent.

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If Bernie Sanders truly cared about people, he would insist on getting the federal government completely out of the health care industry and we could once again have inexpensive, high-quality care like we did before big government programs from Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” forever distorted the health care industry for the worse.

And the more subsidies government takes from other taxpayers, the higher the prices go. And the higher the prices go, the more government subsidizes. This same progressive phenomenon occurs with college prices, which have unnecessarily skyrocketed as government subsidies have increased.

Moreover, good-old fashioned charity and goodwill would return to American culture like it was before government wanted to buy your votes with your own money, if Obamacare was really repealed as Republicans promised and if the feds butted out.

However, from Bernie Sanders, all you’re going to hear is more violent Marxist claptrap, the same kind of hateful and irresponsible rhetoric that inarguably radicalized a Sanders’ campaign worker to open fire on Republican members of Congress.

Hopefully, the radical communist doesn’t inspire more progressive terrorism and learns to shut his pie hole. But we all know that will not happen, even if more blood is be shed by his followers.

Here’s is Bernie Sanders sewing the seeds with the no pushback from Andrea Mitchell:

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