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Communist ‘Antifa’ Group Pushes for Sharia Law in America

The anti-American communist revolutionary group known as “Antifa” aligned with Muslim groups pushing to bring Sharia Law — the Islamic Law that runs contrary to the U.S. Constitution and American values — to America on Saturday in cities across America.

Simultaneously, a “March Against Sharia,” organized by ACT for America, led by Brigitte Gabriel, considered one of the leading terrorism experts in the world, took place sending a strong message to protect women and children from Sharia Law and its anti-freedom tenants, which include the horrific act of honor killings and the hideous practice of female genital mutilation.

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Antifa, which pretends to be opposed to fascism as a deceitful mask to hide their true intention — worldwide communism — has aligned themselves with other anti-American groups, even donning ISIS-like uniforms to show their unity with other terrorists who have similar ideologies — the goal of destroying America.

As you can see, they aren’t even hiding the fact that the violent and thuggish offshoot of the Democrat Party are communists:

Here are a few highlights from today’s rallies and social media messaging:

Here are some examples of the abhorrent behavior of the communist radicals:

In Texas, where open carry is allowed, it was quite serene according to one report:

In Seattle, a hotbed of communism, communist agitators marched through downtown Seattle, banging drums, cymbals, and cowbells behind a large sign saying “Seattle stands with our Muslim neighbors.” Participants chanted “No hate, no fear, Muslims are welcome here” on their way to City Hall, where dozens of anti-Shariah protesters rallied, according to a report from FOX News.

“I don’t believe Islam can peacefully co-exist with the Constitution,” said Seattle anti-Shariah Law demonstrator Aaron Bassford, 29. “We need unity in this country under no ideology and no banner except the Constitution of the United States of America.”

Despite Islamic Law — Sharia Law — having nothing to do with race, the leftists accused those protesting to stop its advance with racism, a typical tactic used by the left trying to silence opposition.

One woman, who was filming the mayhem, Lauren Southern, had urine thrown in her face by hateful leftist cowards hiding their identities behind black scarves:

One prominent useful idiot equated Christian bakers not wanting to bake a homosexual wedding cake with throwing homosexuals off of roof buildings — or worse:

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