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College President Thanks Leftist Mob Who Took Over Campus

(WASHINGTON TIMES) — The president of Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, said he is “grateful” for the “passion and courage” demonstrated by a mob of students who had taken over his campus and driven a professor to teach off campus due to concerns for his safety.

In a speech delivered May 26 responding to student demands, George S. Bridgessaid he is “grateful to the courageous students who have voiced their concerns” about discrimination on campus.

“Let me reiterate my gratitude for the passion and courage you have shown me and others,” Mr. Bridges said in his remarks, as reported by student newspaper the Cooper Point Journal. “I want every one of you to feel safe on this campus and be able to learn in a supportive environment free from discrimination or intimidation.”

The speech began: “I’m George Bridges, I use he/him pronouns.”

The president’s statement comes after a week of protests at Washington college, during which students have berated, shouted down and cursed at faculty and administrators who show insufficient passion for social justice.

One professor targeted by protesters, Bret Weinstein, was told by campus police to hold his classes off of campus out of fear for his safety.

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