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Why is the Media Working Overtime to Find Communist Colin Kaepernick a Job?

In 2012, three young quarterbacks were performing at high levels and were viewed as potentially being the future of the NFL. It was a new age of quarterbacks — athletic quarterbacks that could not only pass the ball and scramble, but were actual running threats, which was driving defenses crazy.

Colin Kaepernick, who was in his second year after sitting the bench his rookie year, and rookies Robert Griffin III (RGIII) and Russell Wilson, who was taken in the third round but had won the starting job in the preseason, were the three newcomers with the brightest futures among young quarterbacks in 2012.

Of the three, Russell Wilson has attained stardom, having won one Super Bowl, made it to another, and has not missed one game in his NFL career, despite playing behind a generally horrible offensive line, all while performing at a very high level.

RGIII, seen by many as the one with the most physical talent, is out of work after being cut by the Cleveland Browns and after being dumped by the Washington Redskins. His career has been injury plagued and he’s played at a subpar level for the Browns last year. He remains a free agent but still has potential should he land with a team — not the Browns — who have an offensive line. Despite his struggles, Griffen has maintained, by all accounts, a positive attitude and been an excellent teammate.

Colin Kaepernick, the best runner of the three but the worse passer, lost his starting job in 2015 due to poor play (won it back in 2016) was beaten out by one of the worst quarterbacks in recent memory, Blaine Gabbert, and has been such a huge disappointment that he, too, is unemployed.

RGIII is a Christian who was once fined $10,000 by NFL leftist commissioner Roger Goodell for wearing a “Know Jesus Know Peace” t-shirt. There is no clamoring among the sports chattering class, nor are there campaigns to pressure teams to sign him.

Colin Kaepernick — on more than one occasion — has worn t-shirts promoting anti-American, anti-freedom communism at post-game press conferences, featuring images of communist butcher Fidel Castro and praised him for “investing in education,” which is kind of like saying that Hitler built good roads. It should be noted that he was no fined by Goodell for wearing a shirt that was not NFL-sanctioned.

On top of that, which has received much more press, is that Kaepernick decided to disrespect the American flag and those who died for it by refusing to stand for the national anthem last year, a divisive and hateful campaign inspired by his girlfriend, who is a communist agitator.

Americans across the nation were offended and outraged by Kaepernick’s selfish and thoughtless act. He only announced that he would stand for the flag in the future after he hit the unemployment line and realized that he wasn’t good enough from a talent standpoint to overcome his unpatriotic antics.

Yet, the media, for some strange reason (not really) is clamoring for one of the unemployed quarterbacks above to get a job — Colin Kaepernick.

It’s certainly not because of his past performance — the 29-year-old has had one very good year — his first. So why is it? Is it because of his magnetic personality, you know, the type of personality that RGIII or for that matter, Tim Tebow, has?


The media propaganda to pressure an NFL team to hire Colin Kaepernick is only surpassed by the unwarranted push to get homosexual Michael Sam signed.

It started on May 15, when Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was asked by a reporter if the team, which is in the market for a backup quarterback, is considering signing Kaepernick or Robert Griffin III.

“We’re looking at everybody,” Carroll answered without mentioning either quarterback by name. “We really are. We’ve been tracking everything that’s going on and we’ve got cap and roster issued and stuff like that that we’re still trying to manage properly. But quite frankly, yes, we are looking at all those guys,” he answered (there are several other free agent quarterbacks on the market as well).

That vague answer led the media to near orgasmic proportions, speculating with joy that Colin Kaepernick was going to become a Seattle Seahawk, riding the bench behind a quarterback who hasn’t missed a game in his entire career, Russell Wilson.

Pro-Kaepernick agitprop soared from the likes of Mike Florio of NBC’s Profootball Talk with headlines like this one trying to remake Kaepernick’s negative image. Suddenly, it’s all Colin Kaepernick philanthropist:

Colin Kaepernick helps kids know their rights, and their identities

A few days prior to that, on May 11, before any teams put out feelers on Kaepernick, Mike Florio rushed to the rescue, shaming NFL owners for supposedly lying to him — in his mind — about their reasons for not signing the controversial Kaepernick.

Over at the NFL network, the NFL’s propaganda arm, teams who signed other free agent quarterbacks are bashed for not signing the beloved commie Colin with headlines like these — all in the past two weeks:

Colin Kaepernick career highlights (Why randomly show this?)

Here’s why: There was panic that Kaepernick may not be signed by another team. Would the earth still turn? Would the sun still come up if he remained unsigned?

Colin Kaepernick conundrum: Will QB take another NFL snap?

But he’s working so hard, you guys! Please, could somebody just sign him, went the collective beg:

Garafolo: Kaepernick is in really good shape and working hard

That wasn’t working as more days passed, so the NFL Network decided to start making ‘good fits’ for Kaepernick:

Rapoport: Kaepernick’s skills could fit into Panthers offense

Colin Kaepernick’s trainer: QB ‘beyond ready to play’ (Since he’s not injured, would any agent ever say anything else about his player?)

But since RGIII is in competition, why not attack him as to prop up Kap?

Kyle Shanahan: ‘Tough’ for RGIII to find the right team

See the headline about the Panthers? It’s by Ian Rapoport. So is this one:

Rapoport: Colin Kaepernick makes the most sense in Seattle

And let’s find another “expert” who agrees to put more pressure on the Seahawks:

Casserly: Kaepernick fits Seahawks’ system

And let’s find some players in the NFL to help push the pro-Kaepernick propaganda:

DeMarcus Ware: Kap deserves a second chance

To top it off, less than a week ago, Tampa Bay signed journeyman QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, the quintessential veteran backup. Big deal, right? Who cares? WRONG! Shame on the Buccaneers for not signing Kaepernick to backup Jameis Winston!

Would Kap have been a better option for Bucs than Fitzpatrick?

Lord knows what they’ve said over at ESPN — MSNBC with footballs. I’m afraid to look.

As the LA Times reported Thursday, people were actually demonstrating outside NFL offices, pressuring the league (commissioner Roger Goodell) to do some arm twisting of NFL owners to get dear Colin a job:

Colin Kaepernick still hasn’t been signed by an NFL team, and a group of people decided to let the league know they’re not happy about the situation.

A rally was held Wednesday afternoon across the street from the NFL offices in Manhattan. There were two trucks holding video boards: one showing an image of the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback kneeling during the national anthem as a protest against social injustice; the other displaying the words “We support Kaepernick.”

Have you ever seen this much love for someone so unworthy in sports? No, you haven’t and the reason boils down to politics. Most in sports media — apparently — are progressive leftist Democrats or worse and they must stick up for their own.

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