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CNN’s Kate Bolduan TRIGGERED, Shouts Down Guest: ‘Stop Talking! Stop Talking!’ [VIDEO]

The Democrat Media Complex, including CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and the New York may never speak ill of the violent, anti-American communist organization known as “Antifa.”

This was clearly exhibited by CNN’s Kate Bolduan on Thursday during a heated exchange with Republican Virginia Senate candidate Corey Stewart, who called out the network for refusing to call out the leftist violence of Antifa, the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party.

Bolduan could not provide a logical excuse for the white-washing of Antifa, which has caused mayhem and anarchy in cities across America, including the recent unrestrained disorder and chaos in Charlottesville, Virginia that occurred because Antifa clashed with equally despicable white supremacists.

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Here’s how the contentious conversation went, with Kate Bolduan at one point shouting down Corey Stewart, “Stop talking, stop talking!” (SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW VIDEO):

COREY STEWART: Neither CNN, the mainstream media or any Democratic politician has come out — and not even establishment Republicans have come out — and condemned the far-left group Antifa.

CNN’s KATE BOLDUAN: Is it possible that it’s because someone died who was counter-protesting?

STEWART: So what you’re saying, Kate… You’re trying to use this poor woman’s death to say that Confederate monuments should be taken down.

BOLDUAN: I’m sorry, is that what I said at all?

STEWART: There’s no equivalency there. There’s nothing there.

BOLDUAN: (snickering) I’m sorry, is that what I said at all?

STEWART: That’s what you’re trying to say.


STEWART: That’s exactly what you’re trying to say, Kate —

BOLDUAN: Corey (pause) Stewart.

STEWART: — and that’s what —


STEWART: — and establishment Republicans —


STEWART: — will not stand —


STEWART: — up against these left attacks.

BOLDUAN: Corey, if we could all be a little intellectually honest here.

STEWART: Intellectually honest?

BOLDUAN: In no way am I conflating the two.

STEWART: Coming from CNN (chuckling), I just don’t see that at all.

BOLDUAN: I am the anchor of the show! I’m asking the question! Hold on a second.

RUSH: And it’s not over yet. Here’s the rest of it…

BOLDUAN: In no way am I conflating two things. In no way am I conflating —

STEWART: So why are you bring up poor woman’s death —

BOLDUAN: Stop talking!

STEWART: — and trying to say that that’s somehow, uh —

BOLDUAN: Stop talking! Stop talking for a second. You’re the guest on my show. In no way am I trying to do anything with this poor woman’s death that has anything to do with the statue. It stopped being about statues when people showed up with swastikas.

STEWART: It stopped being about statues when the left came and started the violence, and the violence occurred by both sides, including the left! Where is the condemnation of Antifa, a far leftist group that espouses violence?

BOLDUAN: Where is your condemnation…? Where is your condemnation of the right?

STEWART: I’ve already condemned it. And, by the way, so has every other Republican under the sun.

Stewart beautifully put Kate Bolduan in an uncomfortable spot, defending the violence of the America-hating communists of Antifa. You won’t see anyone in the leftstream media push back against them because they are them — they are communists at heart and paint the terrorist organization as somehow having the moral high ground.

Leftist media is perfectly willing to call Fascism as evil, but you’ll never hear them condemn Communism, which is responsible for over 100 million deaths and abject poverty and starvation wherever it’s tried. Why is that, hmmm?

Clearly, the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” narrative has failed, so predictably, the media has moved on to painting anyone to the right of Karl Marx as “Racist! Racist! Racist!”

By the way, Corey Stewart is running against Hillary’s running mate and current Democrat Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, a limp-wristed leftist. It should be an interesting race.


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