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CNN’s Fake News Continues: Epic Lie Tweeted Made Republicans Look Like Crap

CNN's Pamela Brown, Anderson Cooper, Evan Perez (Left to Right)

On Thursday night, the Congressional Baseball Game for charity took place in Nationals Park between Democrats and Republicans. Just the day before, Republicans practicing for the game at a field in Alexandria, Virginia were targeted for assassination in what appears to be a politically-motivated attack by Bernie Sanders’ supporter and Trump-hater, James T. Hodgkinson.

Prior to opening fire on Republicans, Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis was stopped by a man, who he later identified as Hodgkinson, and asked if those on the field were Republicans or Democrats. Not thinking anything of it since there was no weapon seen at the time, DeSantis told him it was Republicans. Shortly thereafter, Hodgkinson opened fire on Republicans.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, a Republican from Louisiana, was shot in the hip and laid on the field for 10 minutes, after dragging himself 15 yards to get out of the way of the bullets, before anyone could get to him due to the hail of gunfire. His security detail was engaged in a gunfire battle with Hodgkinson. Republicans, including Senator Rand Paul, credits those officers as saving their lives and preventing the field from turning into a killing field. Had Scalise not been at the practice, no security detail would have been present and the aftermath of Hodgkinson’s attack would have been dramatically different.

The decision was made by those on both sides of the aisle for the game to go on. Prior to it beginning, both Democrats and Republicans gathered at second base to pray. Second base is where Scalise was standing when he was shot.

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If you get your news from CNN, however, then you would not have known that there was a poignant moment of unity in prayer between both political parties never happened. Beyond that, one would have thought Republicans were huge jerks. Why? Because CNN reported that moment as only Democrats gathering on the field to pray for Steve Scalise. That egregious fake news reporting made Republicans look like crap, as if they didn’t care enough for a member of GOP leadership laying in critical condition in the hospital to take a moment to pray.

And CNN wonders why people call them fake news. Keep in mind that this was after CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted a blatant lie that President Trump did not visit Rep. Steve Scalise in the hospital even though he did. Acosta’s lie was tweeted over a thousand times. His late correction was only tweeted slightly over 100 times.

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In the early morning hours after the game, CNN lamely corrected their tweet about who prayed together on the field prior to the Congressional Baseball game.

Pathetic, CNN. It wouldn’t have been difficult to get that little fact correct in the first place. After all, you claim to be the “most trusted name in news” even though you’re not. Thanks for revealing yet another reason why you can’t be trusted and are leading the fake news pack.


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