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CNN’s Don Lemon Refuses to Condemn Antifa Commies [VIDEO]

CNN’s Don Lemon went on an angry rant against President Donald Trump on Tuesday, following the president’s combative press conference in which he pointed out that there were two — not just one — violent groups in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend.

Leftists are losing their minds because the president pointed out that the violent Antifa Commies crashed the racist White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville and came armed for physical violence and therefore played a role in the anarchy and mayhem that took place, including the tragic loss of life and multiple injuries.

But much in the same way that you absolutely could not criticize Obama the past eight years without being labeled as a racist, you can also not criticize the militant arm of the Democrat Party — Antifa — without being smeared in the same fashion, keeping in mind that Antifa goons have been committing acts of violence and destruction across numerous American cities.

In fact, Don Lemon, a progressive leftist in his own right, portrayed an image of the violent, anti-American, anti-free speech Antifa Commies as noble warriors in the battle to stop fascism. Both groups are evil — but not to Don Lemon, who was extremely butthurt that Trump vilified both organizations.

Lemon characterized Antifa Commies as simply being an innocent “protest group,” but one that is fighting Fascism so all is well in the world:

“Everyone at that moment was sitting there watching, saying, ‘Here we go, his [Trump’s] true colors are coming out.’ To equate a group that is a protest group — two protest groups — yes, there were two protest groups. And they were talking about Antifa…calling them the Alt-left. 

Well, that group protests fascism. So they were there protesting fascism.”

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Lemon did admit that perhaps some of their tactics “weren’t exactly right,” the understatement of the century.

Uh, because they’re Commies, Don. It’s like Stalin fighting Hitler. You can’t condemn Communism because of you and way too many in the Democrat Party — the “progressives” — are communists at worse, or sympathetic to them at the very best.

The great thing about being a constitutional conservative is that you can condemn both ideologies as evil. But for Don Lemon and his lefty friends in the media, only one can be condemned. Why is that?


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