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CNN’s Contempt for the American People OUTED in Latest Undercover Video

CNN is once again going into damage-control in their attempt to cover-up the realities being exposed by James O’Keefe and his undercover journalism organization, Project Veritas.

Earlier this week, O’Keefe released videos of Van Jones, avowed communist and host of “The Messy Truth” on CNN, stating that the Trump/Russia collusion story being pushed by CNN is a “nothingburger.” This was after John Bonifield, CNN supervising producer, was caught on camera stating that the network pushes the Trump/Russia collusion storyline for ratings at the direction of CEO Jeff Zucker.

Thursday night on CNN, Van Jones appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 to do what CNN typically does when they are caught in a scandal….deflect and attack. Jones claimed that O’Keefe’s video was a hoax which prompted this tweet from O’Keefe.

What came in the AM was an even bigger bombshell.

Jimmy Carr, an associate producer of CNN’s New Day, hosted by Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo, is caught on tape saying that Kellyanne Conway looks like she’s been hit with a shovel and calling the American voter “stupid as shit.”

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But, it doesn’t stop there.

Carr also makes it abundantly clear that the near constant anti-Trump narrative pushed by CNN is no accident and is not just for ratings. In speaking about President Trump, he said, “On the inside, we all recognize [Trump] is a clown. That he is hilariously unqualified for this. He’s really bad at this, and that he does not have America’s best interests. We recognize he’s just fucking crazy.”

CNN tried to brush off the initial videos by O’Keefe as simply showing the diversity of opinion welcomed by the network. But Carr made it clear that there is not very much diversity of opinion at CNN. He adamantly stated that “90 percent of the people at CNN, and his direct coworkers” agree with him.

Beyond the disturbing and insulting view that CNN has towards the American voter and the obvious “out to get you” attitude towards President Trump that is evident in their programming, Project Veritas also caught CNN once again deceptively editing a video to push their progressive narrative and live up to their nickname of the “Clinton News Network.”

During a panel of Trump voters led by Alisyn Camerota, she asks one man, William “Billy” Baer, about voter fraud. The video shown by CNN on “New Day” would make one believe the gentleman is a crazy conspiracy theorist. As he talks about voter fraud in New Hampshire, Camerota’s body language is very telling. The video shows Baer first stating with certainty that he witnessed it then seeming to backtrack and doubt himself, seemingly stating it didn’t happen.

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Unfortunately for CNN, someone leaked the entire hour and a half session that had been edited down to just over eight minutes which clearly proves CNN selectively edited the video to push their narrative and make this Trump voter seem like a nut.

The leftist media will likely do what they have always done when it comes to James O’Keefe’s undercover, investigative journalism videos. They will disparage his name and claim that he selectively edited the information. After all, they want to keep up appearances that they are unbiased journalists and not the progressive propagandists that they are. That makes one statement by CNN’s Chris Cuomo included in the video all the more powerful and damning for CNN.

In speaking about a previous O’Keefe undercover video, Camerota interjected that the person did not know they were being recorded. Cuomo, who had stated O’Keefe’s work was effective, responded, “Sometimes that’s when you’re the most honest.”

O’Keefe has promised the additional release of videos which will make clear that CNN is not the most trusted name in news, as they erroneously claim, but rather progressive activists and an arm of the Democrat Party.

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Stay tuned, but until then check out O’Keefe’s latest videos exposing CNN as “American Pravda.”

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