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This is CNN? CNN Host Drops Stunning Admission About President Trump [VIDEO]

CNN Host Michael Smerconish

In a rare moment of sanity, realism, and honesty, at least one host of the Trump haters over at CNN is admitting something about President Trump that is stunning to hear from the leftist network often accused of trafficking in fake news.

On Saturday, CNN host Michael Smerconish took issue with the media’s unhinged treatment of Donald Trump by stating that the president could end up being “the most consequential president of the modern era.”

“The Russia probe has remained constant. The elected Republicans remain compliant. The elected Democrats still don’t like him. The war with the media has never subsided and neither have his Twitter fingers. All true. But there’s a temptation in those observations to conclude that his administration, the passage of the tax bill notwithstanding, is static, gridlocked. That nothing is getting done in a polarized climate. That would be a mistake.

In fact, if the pace of change continues for the duration of Trump’s presidency, however long that might be, I think he could become the most consequential president in the modern era.”

Moreover, Smerconish disagreed with TIME Magazine’s slight of Trump in their annual “Person of the Year’ award, arguing that Trump should have easily won — hands down. In citing several of the Trump administration’s accomplishments, including the recently passed tax cut bill — the biggest since Ronald Reagan’s, Smerconish contends that “TIME magazine got it wrong.”

“As with the criteria that TIME magazine uses when determining its person of the year. This is not necessarily a good thing. Think about it. A Supreme Court position that was by rights a democratic pick, instead went to trump. And his influence on shaping the federal judiciary is far greater than just Neil Gorsuch on the nation’s highest court. He broke a Senate this record by confirming a dozen new U.S. Circuit court judges, the most during a president’s first year in office in more than a century.

At the rate he’s going, by next year, more than 12% of federal cases heard will be by Trump-appointed judges. Those picks will be his longest-lasting legacy.

The tax bill that he’s just signed is the first major overhaul of policy since the Reagan era. Whatever the effect, that won’t be undone any time soon.

And by ending the individual mandate, President Trump has felled a major domino that will upset the economic viability of the Affordable Care Act [Obamacare]. After all, how can you provide coverage for those with pre-existing conditions if you don’t have everybody in the insurance pool?

Trump has made cutting federal regulations a priority. He’s revoked 67, he’s delayed or derailed more than 1500 others. He’s pulled out of the Paris climate accord — okayed the Keystone pipeline — recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and refused to recertify the Iranian nuclear deal.

On his watch, the Iraq prime minister just declared victory over ISIS. “The New York Times” Ross Douthat called it “A War Trump Won.”

In Immigration enforcement, I.C.E. Has arrested more than 100,000 people who entered the U.S. illegally. 70% of whom were already convicted criminals.

His State Department has undergone massive restructuring and shrinking. Again, for better or for worse. And don’t forget about the influence that ideologically driven members of his cabinet are having out of the spotlight. Betsy Devos in education, Scott Pruitt at the EPA, Ben Carson at HUD, Rick Perry at Energy, Jeff Sessions at Justice.

No, TIME magazine got it wrong.”

It’s highly unusual — if not unheard of — for any member of the mainstream media in the Democrat Media Complex, to rattle off a laundry list of Donald Trump’s accomplishments. It was clear from Michael Smerconish’s tone that he didn’t necessarily agree with the policies implemented, but he could not deny that they were still “consequential.”

And coming from a CNN host, that is a pretty big deal. Check out the full comments below:

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