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CNN Gets Annihilated on Social Media After Blackmailing Trump Wrestling GIF Creator

Hey, CNN. If you are attempting to salvage your reputation that has been going up in flames due to your unprofessional and unethical form of “journalism” driven by your deep-seated hatred for President Donald Trump and adoration of two-time failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, then you’re doing it wrong.

CNN’s journalistic integrity has been called into question many times. One of their contributors fed debate questions to Hillary Clinton during the Democrat primary. The network has also been caught on numerous occasions selectively editing videos to push a progressive narrative.

Their seeming obsession with taking down Donald Trump has even led to extreme lapses in judgment as they have had to issue retractions for more than one story that they pushed as damning for the Trump administration when it turned out the anonymous source’s info was an outright lie. Three top “journalists” even lost their jobs over one story that was pushed as part of CNN’s Trump/Russia propaganda.

The latest scandal surrounding CNN could put the final nail in the coffin of its reputation. It seems the network is blackmailing a private citizen who is supposedly the person behind the gif tweeted by Trump on Sunday, threatening to reveal his identity if he doesn’t comply with their demands.

CNN was more focused and obsessed with getting to the bottom of who was behind the gif than they were about Hillary Clinton’s Emailgate or Obama’s Fast and Furious gun-running scandal, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, etc.

They devoted the resources of the K-File, by Andrew Kaczynski, to uncover the identity of the reddit user known as HanA**holeSolo, extort an apology, and blackmail him. These actions, according to Senator Ted Cruz, are likely illegal according to Georgia law. CNN is based in Atlanta.

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That led to #CNNBlackmail trending on Twitter Wednesday morning.

CNN was called out for moving faster on their attack against a private citizen for creating a meme they didn’t like than they did firing D-list comedian Kathy Griffin.

Donald Trump, Jr. called out the network for moving faster on tracking down the creator of the meme than Obama’s many scandals.

He also called them out for bullying a 15-year-old.

Andrew Kaczynski fired back that the Reddit user is a middle-aged man, as if that makes the blackmailing okay.

Kaczynski’s history of going after those associated with President Trump in an attempt to destroy them and malign their character was noted.

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The cyberbullying of a private citizen by CNN was pointed out with many asking CNN’s advertisers if they condone the network’s actions.

Could Time Warner have colluded with CNN in their attempt to doxx the maker of the meme?

Good question.


It looks like CNN is intent on doubling, tripling, quadrupling down on their ethics, or lack thereof, issues.

Speaking of a lack of ethics, CNN was also caught in conflicting stories. Kaczynski claims the Reddit user posted his apology before CNN spoke to him but a CNN article clearly states that the user apologized after CNN contacted him.

CNN was even called out for their disturbing blackmailing of a private citizen by a senior writer for the far-left site Vox.

Then, there’s this one. Ben Shapiro for the mic drop…

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