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Climate Huckster Al Gore: ‘I Live a Carbon-Free Lifestyle’

Fresh from trying to shake down American taxpayers for $15 trillion — nearly the size of the entire U.S. economy — as an offering to the faith-based church of global warming, climate huckster Al Gore appeared Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper to discuss President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement — a globalist redistribution of wealth scheme from American taxpayers to the rest of the world.

Al Gore, the high priest of global warming, who has gotten filthy rich off pushing the fraud, cares so much for the environment that he sold his former TV network, Current TV, netting a cool $100 million in oil money to Emir of Qatar-funded Arab news channel Al-Jazeera, claimed with a straight face to Tapper that he somehow lives what he calls a “carbon-free lifestyle.”

Setting aside it might be difficult to pull that off since every time Gore exhales he’s spewing “planet-suffocating” carbon dioxide (CO2), Gore was responding to a clip played by Tapper of President Trump calling out Gore’s hypocrisy for living a lifestyle that is anything but “green” during the campaign last year:

CNN’s JAKE TAPPER: “This is a criticism we hear from conservatives all the time when talking about people like you or Elon Musk or Leonardo DiCaprio, that you, yourself, have a large carbon footprint.”

CLIMATE HUCKSTER AL GORE: “Yes. Well, I don’t have a private jet. And what carbon emissions come from my trips on Southwest Airlines are offset. I live a carbon-free lifestyle, to the maximum extent possible.”

Gore went on to spew his usual apocalyptical, wild-eyed Chicken Little “Book of Revelation” rhetoric with no push back from Tapper in an interview that seemed more like an infomercial for global warming.

But Al Gore’s now been pushing this garbage long enough that his end of the world predictions have matured and have found to be baseless — his predictions have a 100 percent failure record.

As David French from National Review reminded us:

In January, 2006 — when promoting his Oscar-winning (yes, Oscar-winning) documentary, An Inconvenient Truth — Gore declared that unless we took “drastic measures” to reduce greenhouse gasses, the world would reach a “point of no return” in a mere ten years. He called it a “true planetary emergency.” Well, the ten years passed today, we’re still here, and the climate activists have postponed the apocalypse. Again.

Gore’s prediction fits right in with the rest of his comrades in the wild-eyed environmentalist movement. There’s a veritable online cottage industry cataloguing hysterical, failed predictions of environmentalist catastrophe. Over at the American Enterprise Institute, Mark Perry keeps his list of “18 spectacularly wrong apocalyptic predictions” made around the original Earth Day in 1970. Robert Tracinski at The Federalist has a nice list of “Seven big failed environmentalist predictions.” The Daily Caller’s “25 years of predicting the global warming ‘tipping point’” makes for amusing reading, including one declaration that we had mere “hours to act” to “avert a slow-motion tsunami.”

Worse than that, the climate hucksters and global warming frauds have a documented record of being wrong about nearly everything, yet they still insist that you “believe.”

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