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Chuck Woolery: The Democrats’ Socialist Model for Health Care Doesn’t Fit America [VIDEO]

“You can take the collective reasoning of Congress, put it in a neutron, and still have room for an echo.” ~ Chuck Woolery

Chuck Woolery, the former longtime host of “Wheel of Fortune,” “Love Connection” and “Scrabble” TV game shows and the current co-host of the popular “Blunt Force Truth” conservative podcast, blasted Democrats in Congress as well as RINO leader [score]Mitch McConnell[/score] over the sorry state of the nation’s health care system because of the Obamacare debacle

Appearing on FOX & Friends Weekend on Sunday, Chuck Woolery, one of the few in the entertainment business who isn’t an America-hating progressive leftist commie, said that where the Democrats want to take health care in America is to a full-tilt socialized model which “doesn’t fit America,” while Mitch McConnell’s so-called “long view” is so long that we’ll never see it materialize, because, despite all the promises of Republicans the past seven years, they have “no desire” to repeal Obamacare.

Woolery correctly pointed out that progressivism, which is really communism, is “actually a cancer plaguing American politics” and said that Democrats’ idea of “helping” on health care is to move the country towards socialism:

“Here’s the idea on Democrats helping: Progressivism is the absolute cancer on our political system right now and has been for over 100 years, although most people don’t know it.

Vladimir Lenin said a hundred years ago, socialized medicine is the keystone in the arc of the socialist state.”

“That’s where the Democrats are going with this; it’s where they’ve always wanted to go with it. It is a socialist model that does not fit the American way and we don’t want any part of it. And it’s very difficult for Republicans to reach across the aisle to a socialist mandate.”

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And that’ll never happen, I don’t think unless people just go crazy,” Woolery hoped. “But, on the other hand, Republicans seem to have no desire to pass any kind of repeal. And Mitch McConnell had every opportunity to do this, but everybody keeps saying that ‘Mitch McConnell’s so bright and so brilliant. He has a long, long view of what’s going on.’ Well, the long view so far is we’re going to lose,” he predicted.

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In a shot to both parties in Congress, Woolery let loose this truth bomb:

“You can take the collective reasoning of Congress, put it in a neutron, and still have room for an echo.”

This is fundamentally true. However, it’s a reflection not on Congress, but on the citizens who elected them, those who couldn’t pass a simple civics test and have no idea what principles the politicians we elect are supposed to stand on.

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