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Chelsea Clinton Tries to Bash Republicans Over School Lunch; It Didn’t Go So Well

When will Chelsea Clinton ever learn? As she attempts to ramp up her social media footprint amid speculation that she will run for some political office in 2018, Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter to go after Republicans regarding school lunch.

It all started with an innocent enough tweet.

Then, in true Clinton fashion, confused Chelsea had to go the fear mongering route and attack Republicans while doing so.

One Twitter user told her that such a notion is, in her opinion, common sense.

Although Ms. Stewart appears to be a Democrat, or at least left-leaning based on her Twitter feed, she didn’t bring up the GOP in any way, shape, or form. But, that’s okay. Leave it to ol’ Chelsea to bring on the Republican bashing.

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The Twitterverse quickly made Chelsea wish she would “go quietly into the night” like far-left Vanity Fair magazine said her mother, perpetual whiner and liar Hillary Clinton, should do.

Folks on Twitter chimed in again and again reminding Chelsea of the children left hungry by Michelle Obama’s nasty school lunch program. Although most of the Democrat allies in the media didn’t cover it, students frequently lit up Twitter with pictures of the inedible mess passed off as “food” under Michelle Obama’s failed program. Beyond that, many athletes argued that the portions were too small and was not enough food for their strenuous activities.

This dude got a major slam against Slick Willy and corrupt Hillary by bringing up Haiti, a country the Clinton Foundation took advantage of after devastating earthquakes. They raised money to supposedly help via their money laundering operation, the Clinton Foundation, but the money never made it to the people.Instead, the Clintons and their friends got even more rich.

Let’s close with this one where another guy recommended the Clinton Foundation puts up or shut up by paying for school lunch programs.

Dude, don’t you know they can’t do that? The Clinton Foundation is too busy paying for Chelsea’s multi-million dollar, elaborate wedding and stuff. You know…priorities.

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