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Chartered Train Carrying GOP Members of Congress to Annual Retreat Crashes

Dump Truck that was sitting on train tracks as GOP chartered train traveled to retreat. Source: Twitter

A train carrying GOP members of the House and Senate, in addition to some spouses, to their annual retreat in West Virginia has crashed. According to reports, a dump truck was sitting on the train tracks when the train was en route to its destination. Upon impact, at least part of the train reportedly derailed.

There have been varying reports regarding injuries with some saying that all members are fine but others indicating there are injuries. FOX News reported that a triage center has been set up at the site of the accident.

There is information that has been put out on Twitter by both reporters and some of the members who were onboard.

Politico’s Rachael Bade tweeted one of the first pictures of the accident which took place in Crozet, Virginia.

Dr. Roger Marshall, a Republican who represents the 1st Congressional District in Kansas, was onboard the train. He tweeted that he is fine and is helping treat the injured.

This story is developing. Please stay tuned for further reports and updates.

UPDATE 12:14 pm ET:

Amtrack released a statement regarding the accident stating that there were no reported injuries to crew members or passengers.

According to CBS 19 reporter Jack Durkin, police have said this is a HAZMAT situation. Here is a video that he tweeted where you can see that the damage to the train was not significant.

UPDATE 12:25 pm ET:

In a phone interview with FOX News, Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) said members are being told by authorities “that everything that they understand, that they way they’re seeing it, is it was just somebody that looked like they were trying to beat the train across the tracks.”

UPDATE: 12:58 pm ET:

Speaking with FOX News, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) shared that 15 – 20 people needed medical attention. The White House also released a statement confirming that 1 person is dead and 1 seriously injured. Neither person is a member of the GOP Congress.

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