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Can A Man Have A Baby?

You might have seen the recent international news that recounted the incredible news that a man had a baby.

The news was heralded the world over. Much has been written about this event and opined about ad infinitum. Many articles have been written about it, explaining in great detail how such a thing is possible.

Some people are probably perplexed as to how this can be, so I have decided to explain it in simple terms so anyone can understand it.

This is how a man has a baby: An egg is released from his ovary and is fertilized in his Fallopian tube, and then it travels to his uterus and implants itself into his uterine lining. Then the baby grows and is ultimately delivered through his birth canal which includes his cervix and his vagina.

OH WAIT, that’s a woman. Men can’t have babies. And the earth isn’t flat. Because science. Sorry.

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Alex David
Alex David is an Entrepreneur, Marketing and Digital Advertising Executive, proud father and Christian who converted from being a die-hard liberal progressive to a self-educated Jeffersonian Constitutionalist Conservative, Milton Friedman Apologist and NRA Member. God Bless America!
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