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British Muslim Woman Shocks Post-Manchester Town Hall: Reveals ‘Elephant in the Room’

A courageous British woman claiming to be a Muslim shocked a town hall audience by exposing what she called the “elephant in the room” that must be dealt with and offered a politically incorrect solution that could only be uttered by a Muslim without being declared “hate speech” by the political left.

Appearing on BBC Question Time on Thursday following the horrific Islamic terrorist attack that left 22 people dead and dozens more injured at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, the young women called for the shutdown of “Saudi-financed mosques” which she considers responsible for radicalizing Muslims like the 22-year-old terrorist who blew himself up in order to commit his evil act as part of the caliphate.

“I myself am a Muslim,” the unidentified woman began speaking, with her head uncovered, after offering her prayers and support for the victims’ families. “I am a British Muslim and I am very proud of my heritage but I am also a realist and there is an elephant in the room here and, unfortunately — it is very unfortunate — there is an issue in regards to radicalization and extremism that does exist within our community,” she admitted.

“That is something that we have to accept and we have to deal with,” she urged before explaining that “children are being taught the Wahhabi interpretation of the Quran,” and “Saudi-trained clerics” are indoctrinating young children in the UK with the most radical form of Islam.

“We do have an issue within our mosques, within our religious institutions,” she stated. “We have children Saudi-trained clerics coming in and speaking to children as young as seven. And you know, that have these books, you know, children are taught…we have to do something about it.”

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She then offered her solution, which if stated by anyone other than a Muslim woman would undoubtedly be considered as “hate speech” by many on the political left.

“I would say, for now, for now temporarily close down all Saudi-financed mosques,” she proposed.  And I myself as a Muslim — I am a Muslim…” she said before being interrupted by applause from the audience.

To be even more politically incorrect, the bold young woman then took a shot at the liberal British immigration policies.

“Terrorism is also being imported right under our noses,” she declared.

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