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Brent Bozell to CNN: ‘You’re a National Disgrace’ [VIDEO]

Brent Bozell and his group, Media Research Center, work to expose and combat liberal media bias. Their most recent research revealed that CNN, the entire network, suffers from such a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome that nearly 97 percent of their coverage of the Trump presidency thus far has been negative.

If that doesn’t reveal them to be a propaganda arm of the Democrat party then I don’t know what does.

Bozell appeared on FOX Business Network with Charles Payne and addressed CNN’s disgraceful and flagrantly biased coverage of President Donald Trump and he did not hold back his well-deserved criticism of CNN.

When Payne mentioned that CNN’s Don Lemon blamed Trump for Montana Republican House candidate Greg Gianforte body slamming and punching reporter Ben Jacobs from The Guardian, Bozell unleashed on CNN.

“Donald Trump is responsible for everything that is wrong in the world today. I’m frankly sick and tired of the fact that it’s been raining in Washington D.C. for the last four days. I blame Donald Trump. And this is the mind set that you have from CNN.”

“Remember, this is a network that has been covering him with 97 percent negativity since he became president. This is a network that is committed to his removal. This is a network that finds any excuse and invents excuses to come after him.”

“I was thinking about this. It’s not a Kevin Bacon, Six Degrees of Separation where you eventually blame Donald Trump, it’s a one degree of separation. You immediately blame Donald Trump. He gets credit for nothing. He gets blamed for everything.”

But, he didn’t stop there.

Bozell reminded the media that their job is to report the news, not to debate policy. After all, they’re supposed to be journalists, not the communications team for the DNC. He also used this moment to call out CNN for being a national disgrace. As proof, he offered the fact that CNN has virtually ignored President Trump’s trip overseas because he is doing well. Had he been making blunders and mistakes, Bozell contends, CNN would be covering it all day long. (emphasis mine)

Your job is to report the news and nothing but that. And you’ve got CNN and MSNBC — look, I think that CNN is something like 37, 38 years old and it has become a national disgrace. It does nothing but attack Donald Trump. He goes overseas, do you think, do you think, Charles, for a moment that they’ve been ignoring his trip overseas. If Donald Trump had made a mistake instead of doing well as he is doing, if he had made a mistake, you know full well it would be blanket coverage. But he’s not making mistakes. So, they’re ignoring him. So, what do they talk about? The Russia connection and the Russia/Trump connection.

He then issued challenge for CNN basically saying ‘put up or shut up.’

“And now, on that note, Charles, I’m going to issue a challenge to CNN: CNN loves doing special reports, these one hour specials. I want to challenge them to put on the air a documentary, a one hour documentary: Trump/Russia Connection: The Evidence. As a matter of fact, they only need five minutes.”

God bless Brent Bozell and his team for the work they do to expose the egregious bias in the media. There is a reason why the late, great Andrew Breitbart called the mainstream media the ‘Democrat Media Complex.’ CNN’s obsession with only covering negative stories about Trump, even if they have to make them up or report speculation and conjecture as fact, proves it.

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