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BREAKING: Two Republicans Found Who Have Balls, a Rare Sighting

House Freedom Caucus leaders Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan

Weak-kneed Republicans are running for the hills to distance themselves from Christian constitutionalist Roy Moore after the latest accusation — this one escorted by Democrat ambulance chaser Gloria Allred, who has a long history of coming out with dirty tricks against Republicans 30 days before an election — an attempt from the corrupt big government establishment in both parties to derail the principled conservative in favor of the Democrat in the Alabama U.S. Senate race.

Establishment RINO squish [score]Jeff Flake[/score] and his “F” Conservative Review Liberty Score, someone whose own son is a dog killer (for real, literally our dogs were there weeks before) on Monday said that he would “literally run” to support a Democrat against Christian conservative Roy Moore, believing the leftist Washington Post and Gloria Allred.

And fellow Arizona RINO John McCain, who for some reason never called for Democrat murderer Ted Kennedy’s resignation and has not called for the corrupt Democrat Senator Bob Menendez to resign, someone who is charged with several accounts of bribery and corruption, and in 2008 was accused of sexual misconduct and dismissed the accusation as a “smear,” said that the accusations against Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore should exclude him from the U.S. Senate whether they are true or not.

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Even [score]Ted Cruz[/score] is leaning toward believing the politically-timed hit job.

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However, conservative leaders in the House Freedom Caucus, Congressmen [score]Mark Meadows[/score] and [score]Jim Jordan[/score] are refusing to join the surrender chorus. While they aren’t exactly fighting the accusations, at least they aren’t completely caving:

“You can’t unring a bell,” said Meadows, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, when asked if he is still endorsing Moore. “At this point, it’s up to Alabama to figure out — Washington D.C.’s not going to decide that. The people of Alabama will.”

“Look, I’m like everyone else,” Jordan said when asked about his endorsement. “If this turns out to be true then he should step down, but you’ve got to let the investigation play out. Ultimately, the decision is going to be in the hands of the people in Alabama.”

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It’s extremely rare to find anyone who will stand up to the D.C. swamp and the Democrat Media Complex, so Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows should be applauded. While their statements weren’t full-throated endorsements of Roy Moore and condemnations of the Washington Post hit job, keeping in mind that they endorsed Judge Roy Moore’s Democrat opponent Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race, at least they aren’t bending over and grabbing their ankles like the rest of the Republican Party.


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