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BREAKING: Democrat Governor to Announce He’s Switching Parties

Apparently, at least one Democrat governor is tired of being affiliated with the Democrat Party, which has been fundamentally transformed by Barack Obama, [score]Nancy Pelosi[/score], and their ilk into a party of snobbish coastal elites and sexual deviants and perverts. And to poke Democrats in the eye even further, he’s going to make his announcement at a Trump rally tonight.

The Hill reports:

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, a Democrat, will announce he is flipping to the GOP at a rally with President Trump on Thursday.
A senior Republican operative confirmed Justice’s plans to switch parties to The Hill.
Justice, a coal magnate and the wealthiest man in West Virginia, first won office last year. Before announcing his candidacy, he was wooed by both Democrats and Republicans. Ultimately, he opted to run as a Democrat.
Justice’s party switch is a slap in the face to the Democratic Governors Association, which spent more than $1 million to try to get Justice elected in 2016. The Republican Governors Association spent $3.7 million backing his GOP rival.

As The Hill points out, President Trump beat Hillary Clinton by a whopping 41 points in West Virginia.

While the Republican Party has its own problems, Governor Justice’s switching parties, especially at a Trump rally, has to be seen as a major embarrassment for the Democrat Party. Get ready to see the attacks against him by the Democrat Media Complex, the CNN’s and MSNBC’s of the world, as they will no doubt label him as a traitor and a turncoat. Of course, if the party switch were the other way around, Jim Justice would be heralded as “courageous,” “bold,” and “patriotic.”

There will probably be more to follow as Democrats completely go off the deep end, with policies that would be more appropriate in the Communist USSR than the USA.

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