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ABC Suspends ‘Reporter’ Brian Ross for Fake News Story About Flynn, Trump

Fake News champion Brian Ross

After receiving massive blowback for a fake news story by reporter Brian Ross, a longtime trafficker in fake news, ABC News announced that the network — a leading virtual propaganda arm of the Democrat Party — will be suspending Ross for four weeks. And, unlike many suspensions, it will be without pay.

On Friday, ABC News was embarrassingly forced to correct a story that “presidential candidate” Donald Trump pressed Michael Flynn to make contact with Russia, after Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.

In other words, they wanted this contact to look like it was done during the 2016 presidential campaign with the hopes of furthering the Democrat Media Complex’s “Russian collusion,” debunked narrative.

However, it wasn’t “presidential candidate” Trump that directed Flynn to contact Russian officials on topics that included working jointly to defeat ISIS, but “President-elect” Trump, a normal order that any president-elect would normally do under similar circumstances as incoming administrations always contact many foreign governments to discuss issues, build relationships, etc.

Initially, ABC News would not even call the deception a “correction,” but attempted to put lipstick on it by referring to it as simply a “clarification.”

But now, apparently, ABC is coming at least partially clean as the media giant, which is owned by Disney, said they “deeply regret and apologize for the serious error” in the story:

ABC News “reporter” Brian Ross is no stranger to spreading fake news. Ross famously tried to falsely smear the pro-Constitution, pro-freedom Tea Party movement with the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre:

Inbecilic leftists like “The View” co-host Joy Behar were literally orgasmic over Brian Ross’s fake news reporting over the Flynn matter.

“The View” quietly deleted a tweet hyping Ross’s fake news story, but Behar’s embarrassing tweet declaring “Christmas came early. Thank you, Santa!” remains:

The fake news story caused a major decline in the stock market on Friday, as the following graphic shows:

One could easily imagine there being some lawsuits over this one as billions of dollars were lost based on ABC News “reporter” Brian Ross’s fake news story. Why Brian Ross still has a job is anyone’s guess.

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