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BOMBSHELL: Harvey Weinstein’s Contract Allowed for Sexual Harassment [VIDEO]

Barack Obama and Democrat megadonor Harvey Weinstein

In a blockbuster new report from celebrity news site TMZ, Hollywood mogul and Democrat moneyman Harvey Weinstein’s contract with his company allowed for him to sexually harass women, as long as he personally forked over the financial damages as a result of lawsuits and paid penalties.

TMZ founder Harvey Levin, appearing on FOX News with Martha MacCallum on Thursday, made the startling announcement.

“The short story is this,” Levin began. “The Weinstein company allows for sexual harassment under the contract it signed with Harvey Weinstein,” he reported.

Levin further reported that the contract had a laddered financial penalty depending on the number of sexual harassment or abuse cases Harvey Weinstein was presented with:

“Here’s what we know. In October of 2015, Harvey Weinstein signed a new contract with them, and under the contract, it says that if Harvey Weinstein gets sued for sexual harassment — for any other kind of misdeed and the company has to pay the judgment or a settlement — Harvey Weinstein can make everything good by doing two things.

Number one, he has to pay the company back for what it paid the victim. Number two, Harvey has to pay a fine, and the way the fine is structured, the first time he has to pay a settlement — the first time the company has to pay — Harvey has to pay $250,000 fine. For the second judgment or settlement, he has to pay $500,000 fine. For the third, at $750,000.

For the fourth or any number thereafter, he has to pay a million dollars each time the company has to pay a settlement or judgment for any kind of sexual harassment.”

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Ironically, the Left turned a blind eye to Hollywood Harvey Weinstein’s serial abuse of women over the same time Democrats were desperately trying to label Republicans as somehow waging a “war on women.

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Watch below via FOX News:

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