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Ben Shapiro ANNIHILATES ‘Young Turk’ Leftist Cenk Uygur Over ‘Trickle-Down’ Economics [VIDEO]

Conservative badass Ben Shapiro, the editor of The Daily Wire, destroyed leftist [score]Bernie Sanders[/score] sycophant and progressive leftist host of The Young Turks broadcast, Cenk Uygur, over the topic of what the Left likes to refer to as “trickle-down economics,” a derogatory label they’ve hung over the growth and prosperity during the Reagan years that the nation has not seen since. The two faced off at the Politicon 2017 conference that was held over the weekend.

Uygur, not shockingly, trotted out the old-tired leftist argument that businesses can’t be trusted with the money they earn, that they must have their profits confiscated by their benevolent government overlords who will then bless the masses. It’s the same illogical argument communists within the Democrat Party have used for decades in order to destroy America’s capitalist system because they hate economic freedom.

Needless to say, Ben Shapiro hit the nonsense out of the park by asking if Cenk Uygur, a business owner in his own right, was himself a “greedy asshole.”

“As far as this idea that corporations don’t have any of your interests at heart, you’re a corporation, TYT (The Young Turks), it’s a corporation, you have 80 employees. I assume that you’re not just a greedy asshole and that you actually would like to help your employees from time to time.”

Responding to Uygur’s ridiculous recreation of history, that America was more prosperous in the 1950’s and 1960’s because it had tax rates as high as 91 percent on the very top of the income ladder (which is a very stupid argument because virtually no one paid that rate, considering that it only kicked in at about $3.4 million — inflation adjusted to 1955 — and there were major tax shelters, deductions, and loopholes that have now been eliminated), Shapiro asked if 91% worked so well, why not just tax everybody at 100% so that “we can have massive growth from here to eternity.”

Uygur argued for a mixed economy of socialism and capitalism (which is what we — unfortunately — already have by the way), but when Shapiro asked the “Young Turk” to explain the “glories of actual capitalism” since he had spent so much of his time espousing the “glories of government provided health care,” Uygur, of course, took a pass.

Uygur’s arguments were so embarrassing that he actually got booed, causing him to insult the Politicon audience of being uneducated because they weren’t agreeing with his Marxist claptrap.

Ben Shapiro then efficiently shredded Cenk Uygur’s Marxist soak the rich argument, logically pointing out that if you take all the money from the rich, it might help the poor buy more hamburgers at McDonald’s, but there’s not going to be anyone producing the plethora of goods and services that have been produced over the last several decades that have made all of our lives better.

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