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Ashley Judd Triggered Beyond Repair When Airport Employee Calls Her ‘Sweetheart’ [VIDEO]

Ashley Judd (Leftist - Lunatic)

Leftist Hollyweird lunatic Ashley Judd was emotionally triggered after an airport employee allegedly called her “Sweetheart,” a term of endearment that nowadays is considered somehow offensive or “sexist” by the politically correct Cultural Marxism cabal.

So angered by the word was Ashley Judd that she recorded her first Facebook Live video about the matter after the horrific incident occurred, as a public service to her idiotic followers or something.

By the way, when a grocery store clerk, usually an older lady who’s obviously from the South, calls me “Honey,” or “Darlin’,” I don’t feel sexually abused like this nutcase. Those are long held terms of kindness in the American culture and are sweet and uplifting, which is what the world needs more of, not less.

But the Left needs something to bitch about, and elitist Ashley Judd wants to portray herself as an oppressed victim.

Watch the leftist lunatic and her insane rant below. She even complains to management and describes the horror.

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