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Ann Coulter: If ‘Obamacare-Lite’ Passes, ‘It Will Ruin the Republican Party’ [VIDEO]

Trump loyalist Ann Coulter, author of the book “In Trump We Trust,” disagreed with Fox Business host Stuart Varney on Friday, asserting that if the Senate passes the Republican version of Obamacare, which she referred to as “Obamacare-Lite,” it will “ruin the Republican Party.”

Coulter argued that the bill had nothing to do with free market capitalism and contended that all that was needed was a one-page bill that says “There shall be a free market in health care.” Then, allow those who still wanted Obamacare to have at it.

Coulter said that the Republican bill, which was written behind close doors by lackeys of establishment RINO leader [score]Mitch McConnell [/score](who ironically, Coulter has historically been a huge supporter of), still forces insurers to cover sex-change operations, psychological counseling and gambling addiction, just like Obamacare.

When Varney, a Trumpist in his own right, said that Republican must pass the GOP version of Obamacare or else it will somehow destroy President Trump’s “growth agenda” and “ruin the Republican Party,” Coulter took strong exception.

“No, this is going to ruin the Republican Party,” Coulter said. “This is now Obamacare-Lite and now Republicans are going to get blamed for it,” she asserted.

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“I would rather have nothing on health care than have Republicans take responsibility for something that is just as bad as Obamacare,” she stated.

Meanwhile, the previous target of Coulter’s affection, President Donald Trump is “very supportive” of the Senate Obamacare plan, according to current press secretary Sean Spicer.

“The president is very supportive of the Senate bill,” Spicer said on Friday. “He’s committed to making sure that no one who is currently in the Medicaid program is affected in any way,” he revealed.

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Levin argued that the Left has successfully entangled Medicaid — a government welfare program — with everyone else’s health insurance, which has shifted the debate so far to the left that neither party is arguing for capitalism in healthcare.

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