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Anderson Cooper to Jeffrey Lord: Trump Could Take a ‘DUMP on His Desk and You Would Defend It’ [VIDEO]

Another fine display of journalism (that’s a joke, folks) occurred on CNN Friday night in an exchange between CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Trump loyalist Jeffrey Lord, journalism that ranks right up there with obsessing over how many scoops of ice cream President Donald Trump gets served at the White House, or Coopers recent unprofessional eye roll at Kellyanne Conway .

In the exchange, Cooper is asking for Lord’s opinion over the much-ballyhooed New York Times story — based on anonymous sources again — that Trump told the Russians in the oval office that he’d just fired FBI Director James Comey, a “real nut job” and that hopefully, that would relieve some of the political fire he was facing over the “Russian collusion” Democrat-created narrative.

Yes, Jeffery Lord is sycophantic in his support for Donald Trump. Sometimes it’s cringeworthy. But he’s a commentator — he’s paid by CNN to come on TV and shill for Trump — and shill he does. Anderson Cooper presents himself as an objective journalist and if you watched his slobbery coverage of Obama the past eight years, you’d know that he’s a joke.

So of course, Lord defended the comments, assuming they were true, and Cooper wouldn’t have anything of it when Lord brought up Obama’s “flexibility to Vladimir” infamous comment — real collusion — that resulted in the media taking a collective yawn.

“If he [Trump] took a dump on his desk, you would defend it,” Cooper, an admitted homosexual opined.

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Progressive leftist Democrat Obama virtually pooped on the desk of every American the past eight years and “journalists” in the Democrat Media Complex were too busy cleaning up the mess and enjoying the aroma to think of holding their Dear Leader accountable. Nothing Obama could do or say, no matter how obviously tyrannical or untrue would even raise an eyebrow from the likes of CNN’s Anderson Cooper, including when Obama was spying on reporters.

Now that a president with an “R” next to his name is office, the opposite is true. Trump can do nothing right. Granted, Trump gives the media a ton of material to attack him on and most of his errors — usually on Twitter — are unforced.

I wish Jeffrey Lord would have pointed to the CNN news desk and say, “Obama took a dump on your desk and you, Anderson Cooper, said, Thank you, sir, may I have another?”

If CNN is going to have a journalist call someone out for being a bootlicker, at least find one who isn’t one themselves.

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