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The Founders Never Intended for Washington Elitists to Control Every Aspect of Your Life

We are coming up on the one year anniversary of the election of President Donald J. Trump.  A man that, in many ways, typifies America.

Mr. Trump proved the old-fashioned notion that parents used to tell their children.  You or anybody can be President of the United States of America.  Immigrants often told their children this.  Many of those children fully believed in it.

It was the American dream.  You can be anything you want to be.  You can do anything you want to do.  In America, you have the freedom to become who you were meant to become.  In America, you can be whoever you want to be.

But, this past year we have seen Democrats, liberals, blue blood Republicans and others, tell those children that they can only do and be what they approve of.  

If you want to be rich, well you must be evil.  If you want to be an industry leader, then you must want to steal it from the less fortunate.  If you want to be President, get in line and wait for us to say it’s your turn.

In today’s America, the leftist tells those who want to improve, upgrade and move the nation forward that they will be taxed to death.  They will even be taxed heavily upon death.

In today’s America, those who work hard and provide for their families are looked down upon.  You must be neglecting your family if you work too hard.  After all, the government is here to provide your basic needs.

In today’s America, if you don’t attend an indoctrinating institute of higher learning, you must be stupid, dumb, unsophisticated.  

In today’s America, unless you are a member of the elite, you should not strive to be your best.  You should not strive to improve yourself, educate yourself, take pride in yourself, your family and your community.

The words that those parents of days gone by have been co-opted by the left and repurposed, refashioned, to the tune of, We Know What Is Best For You.

Donald Trump and the millions of Americans who voted for him, the millions more who support him are telling the elites that their words mean nothing.  They have had years and years to prove their vision of America works.  That their vision and belief is better.  They have failed.

The American people are again saying that they are in charge of their lives.  The American parent is again telling their children that even they can become President of the United States of America.  The American parent is again telling their children that if they work hard, study their craft, that they can be a success and make a real difference.

It was never intended by the Founders and Framers of this nation to have an elite class of citizen who controlled every aspect of life.  

Indeed, the very notion of America was raw independence.  The belief in the American Ideal was a can-do spirit and that every child could grow and become the best American, the best human being they could be.

Freedom in America meant a lot.  It meant the freedom to succeed.  The freedom to fail.  The freedom to rise.  The freedom to fall.  The freedom to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and start over.  And if you had to start over more than once, America gave you the freedom to do just that.

That idea of America is alive and well once again.  The hopes and dreams of the Founders, the parents of days gone by can be realized and fulfilled once again.

But be on guard for those who want to squash such a dream.  Watch out for the elites who says they know what is best for you.  They are anti-American.

Those who look for handouts at the expense of those who work hard are not fulfilling the notion of what America was intended to be.

We, as a nation, grew from a backwater agricultural baby into the most powerful, most prosperous nation the world has ever known.  It was done with work, grit, determination.  And it was done without the government being our babysitter.  

What America really means is FREEDOM.  You are still free to be the best you can be.  And Donald J. Trump has proven that you can be a citizen not born of the elite class and become president.

How evil it is to tell a child that only the elite can be leaders.  How horribly evil.

How Un-American.

Rod Eccles is the host of a fast growing, syndicated radio talk show, The Rod Eccles Show.  He is also an in-demand keynote speaker having already given addresses all over the country.  He delivers his wit, wisdom, truth, and logic daily via the Zinc Media Arts group.  You can listen to Rod or contact him at  The show airs live weekday mornings 9 am to noon eastern time.  

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Rod Eccles
Rod has lived or visited the nations of Greece, Spain, Italy and Turkey. His father is a 21 year veteran of the United States Air Force and saw active duty in Vietnam and Thailand. Rod is a strong Constitutional Conservative. Rod believes in God, Family, Country, and the right to the pursuit of happiness. Rod believes in the Constitution of the United States of America and that the Founding Fathers were on the right track when they created and established our nation. When people meet Rod they describe him as being logical, factual, truthful, and historical. Rod is an entrepreneur having started a successful landscaping business while living in NY State. That experience helped him launch a successful Dry Cleaning Service called Cleaner Solutions which was a door to door dry cleaning service. Now Rod owns three businesses titled Zinc Media, Zinc Marketing, and Zinc Agency. Rod is also a weekly contributor to numerous publications in addition to The PolitiStick. You can listen to Rod LIVE on Vigilant Liberty Radio, Monday- Friday from 7-9 PM EST. You can also hear Rod LIVE every Thursday at 5:05 AM EST on The Captain's AMERICA - Third Watch Radio Show on AM 860 The Answer.
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