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AMEN! Gov. Greg Abbott Proclaims Day of Prayer in Texas [VIDEO]

Texas Governor Greg Abbott declaring Sunday, September 3, to be a Day of Prayer for Texas

“We all know one thing and that is there is no storm as tough as the people of Texas.”

Conservative Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott announced that he is declaring September 3, to be a Day of Prayer for the Lone Star State as it begins to recover and heal from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

“Howdy Texans,” Gov. Abbott began to loud hoots and hollers on Thursday, speaking in the town of Rockport, Texas that was hit hard by Harvey. “We all know one thing and that is there is no storm as tough as the people of Texas.”

“But as we gather today here at this church, it’s important that we remember the greatest power that exists is the power of God,” he said to loud shouts of “AMEN! from the crowd. “And the way that God can touch and move all of our lives. It was God acting through the lives of so many Texans who came to the rescue of other Texans. It was the power of God that was able to pull people out of the water and literally save them,” he stated.

“And as a result of that, I think it’s very important that I issue and sign a Texas gubernatorial proclamation here today: By the power vested in me as the Governor of Texas, I am declaring this Sunday, September 3rd as a Day of Prayer in Texas.” 

“We will pray for all of those who were affected,” the Texas governor continued. “We will pray for the first responders, for those who have volunteered to help others. We will pray regardless of what faith or church or background you may have. We will pray as one united people — for the future of the state and the future of this country — for healing and for hope, for rebuilding and for the next great generation of Texas,” he concluded before signing the proclamation to boisterous applause and cheers.

Governor Abbott was surrounded by Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen who led the crowd in prayer following the vice president’s remarks.

“President Trump sent us here to say we are with you. The American people are with you,” the vice president said. “We are here today, we will be here tomorrow, and we will be here every day until this city and this state and this region rebuild bigger and better than ever before.”


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