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Adam Carolla Before Congress Drops Some Major Advice to College Professors and Administrators [VIDEO]

Adam Carolla testifying before Congress, July 27, 2017.

Hilarious and witty comedian Adam Carolla, one of the few comedians who doesn’t double as a progressive leftist anti-American commie nutjob, was invited to speak before Congress on Thursday — before the House Oversight Committee — to address the growing problem of anti-free speech, anti-American, and anti-First Amendment activities on college campuses across America because of the poisonous ideology of politically correct progressive leftism where any speech is banned that is disagreeable to the point that ridiculous “safe spaces” are created and even violence occurs when the overly sensitive snowflakes are emotionally triggered.

Carolla explained that earlier in his career, he spoke frequently on college campuses without a whiff of negativity, but now for example, when he recently tried to speak at Cal State Northridge (where, ironically, his mother attended) with conservative radio talk show host Dennis Prager, they “pulled the plug on it” without giving them a good reason. Only after getting attorneys involved were they allowed to speak at a later date.

One of the major problems of the progressive snowflake and social justice warrior immaturity in society is that they are coddled and even encouraged by their parents and/or leftist college professors and administrators. Carolla said that needs to stop and that “We need the adults to start being the adults.”

“We’re talking a lot about the kids. We are the adults and I don’t think we are doing the children [any good] — I mean, these are eighteen and nineteen-year-old kids that are at these college campuses. They grew up dipped in Purell, playing soccer games where they never kept score and watching Wow Wow Wubbzy and we’re asking them to be mature. 

We need the adults to start being the adults.” 

Carolla then gave an excellent analogy based on a scientific study in which astronauts who spend too much time in a “zero gravity environment,” likening it to living in a bubble as the coddled progressive snowflakes are allowed to live, they “lose muscle mass” and bone density, suggesting that the same thing is happening to social justice warriors who are not allowing points of view they disagree with.

“They need to live in a world that has gravity. You need to expose your children to germs and dirt in the environment to build up their immune system. Our plan is to put them in a bubble, keep them away from everything, and somehow they’ll come out stronger when they emerge from the bubble. 

Well, that’s not happening.” 

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Earlier in the hearing, Chairman [score]Jim Jordan[/score], a member of the House Freedom Caucus, showed a video of an Evergreen State College professor who was being held hostage because he was white, asking for permission from students if he could use the restroom, a vivid example of how insane colleges have become.

“Children are the future but we are the present and we’re the adults,” Carolla proclaimed. And we need to act like it. And I feel that what’s going on on these campuses is we need law and order — we need to bring back law and order — but I think if we just had order, we wouldn’t need law. So could we just bring back order and could the faculty and administration on these campuses act like faculty and administration and most importantly, adults who are in charge of these kids who need some gravity in their life?” he asked.

Not missing a chance to add some levity to the discussion, Adam Carolla opened with a funny joke about the note pads on the desk at the hearing. Check it out below.


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