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ACLU Tries Desperately to Pass ESPN in the Dumb Department; They May Have Succeeded

The ACLU communist front group may have surpassed ESPN in the politically correct insanity department on Wednesday after backing down from the “horrors” of posting a picture of a white baby on Twitter and getting labeled as trafficking in “white supremacy.”

No, really!

Here’s the post that caused progressive leftists on Twitter to get emotionally triggered:

Because this picture of this precious toddler is somehow “racist,” you see, according to the leftist Twitter mob that attacked the tweet. And the ACLU AGREED!

Here are the cowards backing down, admitting that “white supremacy is everywhere.”

Earlier this week, the progressive propagandists over at ESPN clowned themselves by reassigning announcer “Robert Lee,” who is Asian, from broadcasting a University of Virginia college football game because his name was too close to Confederate General “Robert E. Lee.”

Speaking of clowns, Reuters described violent anti-American communist Antifa goons as “peaceful protesters.” You really can’t make this stuff up. It’s been a highly embarrassing week for the Left as political correctness implodes. But it is kind of fun to see media companies compete for the race to the bottom of the credibility barrel.



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