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About Us

Welcome to The PolitiStick!

Our goal is to provide you with the best user experience possible, and not annoy you with articles completely unrelated to politics and the fight in the culture war.

We are here for one simple reason, to bring you the hardest hitting news. No holds-barred and no despicable big-media practices. We at The PolitiStick have grown tired of going to a news website to read a story only to find out that we’ve been baited by a clever headline into reading something that has absolutely nothing to do with it.

At The PolitiStick, we hit back at the news makers and news breakers for their bias, corruption, and dishonesty. We call them out as we see them and are not afraid to pursue the big story, regardless of who’s going to benefit from it. We don’t owe anyone any favors, and we’re not in it for the money.

The PolitiStick team is made up of movement conservatives. We have no sacred cows, and we’re not in ANY politician’s back pocket. We are young, we are new, we are different. We know that you look for honesty and good information because that is what we look for as well. When we grew tired of so-called conservative websites doing and saying anything they have to, just to get clicks, we knew we had to do it differently. So that is exactly what we did.

At The PolitiStick, you’re not going to find untouchable political figures. You’re not going to find egos. You’re going to find honest conservatives who are willing to write the tough story without caring who gets offended in the process.

Are we biased? Yes we are. But at least we are willing to admit it, unlike other media sources. We are biased in favor of politicians who uphold the Constitution and American freedom. We are strongly against those who attack American liberty, regardless of political party or affiliation and we write accordingly.

Thank you for making The PolitiStick part of your daily news routine. Please share our site, and help STICK it to’em!