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8 Video Clips That Summarize the Sessions Hearing

The phony “Trump-Russia” Democrat Party and Democrat Media Complex continues to be no smoke and no gun, that there’s no “there-there,” and yet the circus continued on Tuesday as Attorney General appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee to testify in the ongoing saga of Democrats trying to find excuses and inflict punishment for Hillary Clinton’s stunning defeat to political newcomer Donald Trump.

First, from the get-go, Jeff Sessions came out swinging noting that any suggesting that he colluded with Russia or knew about someone else colluding with Russia to interfere in the 2016 presidential campaign — after over three decades of loyal service to America — is an “appalling and detestable lie.”


Sessions further proclaimed that the false attacks by Democrats will not intimidate him. Instead, they are serving only to strengthen his resolve:

Jeff Sessions, a former conservative Republican Senator from Alabama, told the committee that while he may have recused himself from any investigation into the Trump campaign, since he was associated with it, but that he did not recuse himself from defending his honor against “scurrilous and false allegations,” which is exactly what the sudden Democrat obsession with Russia has become:

Senator Tom Cotton decimated Democrats for not providing one shred of evidence of President Trump or his campaign colluding with Russia, accusing them of going down a lot other “rabbit trails” but not the one that the hearing was supposed to be about.

In epic form, Cotton slammed Democrats for being obsessed with Russian spy novels and movies.


This was the best of the hearing on Tuesday. Cotton’s stock is rising…

Again, California communist Senator [score]Kamala Harris[/score] came — for the second time in a matter of days — was reprimanded by committee leadership for asking questions without allowing the witness to answer them.

It’s really embarrassing for most Americans to watch but her stock is rising amongst the communist leftist kook wing of the Democrat Party, which is growing.

Kamala Harris is a potential 2020 Democrat presidential candidate but her base would be the same leftist nutjobs attracted to America-hating Marxists Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

The 2020 race will be a lot more interesting on the Democrat side. She’s a leftist kook but a more attractive for the Left than crooked Hillary:

One little insight Sessions let out at the end of the questioning by Sen. Cotton was that there are going to be more leakers in hot water (Comey?). Here Sessions says that some leakers are going to wish they’d never leaked, and referenced the first leaker arrested:

10 Quick Facts You Must Know About Arrested Leaker Reality Leigh Winner

Sessions really smacked down progressive leftist Oregon Senator [score]Ron Wyden[/score], who I must say looks like death warmed over. With righteous indignation, Sessions turned the tables on Wyden’s innuendo campaign against the Trump administration with the assistance of admitted leaker and fired former FBI Director James Comey.

Comey apparently told Senators behind closed doors, and it leaked, that were “problematic” issues regarding his Sessions’ recusal.

Sessions refused to play ball and it was beautiful:

Finally, and this one is more funny than it is revealing. Democrat Senator [score]Joe Manchin [/score]asked Sessions what questions he would be asking if he were in his shoes. Sessions shoots back that the committee should be concerned about Russian meddling in the election. It was a strange question and a great answer:

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