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24 ‘Republicans’ Who Shamefully Voted to Force Taxpayers to Fund MILITARY Sex Change Operations

Thursday evening, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives shamefully voted to force taxpayers to fund sex change operations for members of the military, a continuation of an Obama-era policy that has outraged conservatives and other who believe that the policy weakens our military.

Congresswoman [score]Vicky Hartzler[/score] (R-MO) had issued an amendment to the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would deny taxpayer funds for transsexual “sex reassignment surgeries,” but the bill was voted down 209 to 214, with 24 “Republicans” joining their progressive Democrat brethren to defeat Rep. Hartzler’s amendment.

“The deployability of individuals going through the sex transition process is highly problematic, requiring 210 to 238 work days where a soldier is non-deployable after surgery,” Hartzler said. “This recovery time equates to 1.4 million manpower days where transgender personnel cannot deploy and fight our nation’s wars, therefore relying on an already stressed force to pick up the burden. It makes no sense to purposely recruit individuals who cannot serve,” she asserted.

Below is the list of those who voted kill Hartzler’s amendment that would have stopped the taxpayer-funding of sex change operations for members of the military, in alphabetical order by last name. Not surprisingly, almost all of those voting to fund the insanity are on either the East Coast or West Coast, which tend to be much more liberal than America’s heartland.

(Note: It’s very disappointing to see Congressman [score]Justin Amash[/score] on this list, a fighter for liberty and limited government who is right on so many other issues):

  • [score]Justin Amash[/score] (MI)
  • [score]Jack Bergman [/score](MI)
  • [score]Mike Coffman[/score] (CO)
  • [score]Barbara Comstock[/score](VA)
  • [score]Paul Cook[/score] (CA)
  • [score]Ryan Costello[/score] (PA)
  • [score]Carlos Curbelo[/score] (FL)
  • [score]Jeff Denham[/score] (CA)
  • [score]Charlie Dent[/score] (PA)
  • [score]John Faso[/score] (NY)
  • [score]Brian Fitzpatrick[/score] (PA)
  • [score]Darrell Issa[/score] (CA)
  • [score]John Katko[/score] (NY)
  • [score]Steve Knight [/score](CA)
  • [score]Leonard Lance [/score](NJ)
  • [score]Frank Lobiondo[/score] (NJ)
  • [score]Tom MacArthur [/score](NJ)
  • [score]Brian Mast [/score](FL)
  • [score]Tom Reed[/score] (NY)
  • [score]David Reichert[/score] (WA)
  • [score]Lena Ros-Lehtinen[/score] (FL)
  • [score]Bill Shuster[/score] (PA)
  • [score]Elise Stefanik[/score] (NY)
  • [score]Claudia Tenney[/score] (NY)

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How is this any different than the garbage seen from an Obama presidency with a Democrat-controlled Congress? It’s not and it’s another indication that the Republican Party isn’t worth a bucket of spit (for additional confirmation, see phony Obamacare “repeal” that doesn’t actually repeal Obamacare).

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