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19 Turkish Erdogan Goons Indicted for Beating Up American Protesters on U.S. Soil

In May of this year, several of Turkish despot Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s goon squad members were caught on video assaulting Americans outside of the Turkish embassy in Washington, DC, who were protesting against the tyrant.

President Trump promised to be the “law and order” president and on Tuesday, the Department of Justice, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, announced that 19 of the thugs are going to be indicted for charges ranging from assault, aggravated assault, and assault with a deadly weapon.

The Hill reported:

A grand jury has indicted 19 defendants, including 15 Turkish security officials, over charges stemming from a violent attack on protesters outside the Turkish embassy in Washington, D.C. in May.

The indictments before the Superior Court for the District of Columbia were made public on Tuesday by the Justice Department.

The defendants, 16 of whom were charged in June on criminal complaints, were indicted on a charge of conspiracy to commit a crime of violence. Many of the 19 were also indicted on additional charges including assault with a dangerous weapon and aggravated assault.

The charges stem from Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s visit to Washington, D.C. in May to meet President Trump. Guards for Erdogan attacked protesters near the embassy in a brawl that was caught on video.

Here’s a video from May to jog your memory of the mayhem and anarchy caused by Erdogan’s goons in the nation’s capital. You can bet that under the Obama regime, instead of being indicted, they’d be recommended for a Nobel Peace Prize and/or given a White House visit.

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